About the Books

The Sunflower Series for Women:
Growing Tall to Follow the Son

A series of Bible studies written by Nancy I. Sanders

Titles include:
* Ezra: Victorious Living
* Psalm 119: God’s Gift, God’s Word
* Ephesians 6: The Armor of God
* Foundations of Faith
* The Ways of a Godly Woman
* The Gifts of the Spirit

These studies are available as downloadable pdf files that can be printed out and stored in 3-ring binders for individual or group study.

Cost is $5.00 per person per Bible study.
You may order and pay for your copies at Nancy’s Storezone.
Contact author Nancy I. Sanders at jeffandnancys@gmail.com to confirm your order.

To Assemble the Sunflower Series for Women Study Notebook:

Purchase the individual title you plan to study from the author.
Print out the pages of the study.
Punch holes in the pages and store in a 3-ring view binder.
Print out the title page in color ink and slip into the front of the binder.

Create separate tabs in your notebook for different titles in the Sunflower Series for Women.

Purchase different titles from the author.
Print out the copies, punch holes in the pages, and store them altogether in the same binder.